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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 323
Seabeck, WA 98380

Cell: 360-979-0461

Fill out this contact form for a PHOTOGRAPHY QUOTE. Each shoot is different depending on it's location, style, theme and time spent shooting. Prices vary for each shoot. CLIXS does travel too! :)




CLIXS is part photographer, part beauty coach, and a full-time student of her craft.  With 18 years behind the camera and even more before the lens, CLIXS uses her own experience to bring models closer to their full potential.  She believes in hard work, tenacity, and setting new norms in the fashion industry.


CLIXS began modeling at age 6 and was signed with Elite at 16.  She traveled the world, learning how to work with all kinds of people and achieve a compelling look.  CLIXS noticed the key to modeling was to constantly learn from those around her.  It's a belief she's passed to her three children, especially as her eldest, Kat, enters the industry.


Raised in Big Lake, Alaska, CLIXS credits her wild roots for the natural beauty of her portraits.  Her properties in Seabeck, Washington unfold for the lens like a final frontier.  Classically trained in film, CLIXS uses natural light, studio light (blended light source) and creative angles to highlight each model's own brand of beauty.  When CLIXS shouts "stick it!" it's not just a pose she's after; it's that model's confidence and dreams of success.  Countless models tell her, "you made me feel beautiful."


For CLIXS, comfort begets creativity.  Each location is scouted well in advance for privacy and originality.  Goals are communicated early on and adjusted for everyone's benefit.  The model receives feedback (or "homework") so she can apply what she's learned to future endeavors.  CLIXS is constantly improving, learning and expects her clients to do the same. A TRADEMARK of CLIXS is the "Blended Light Source". :)

Writer: Julia Cook 

Julia thank you SO MUCH! CLIXS highly recommends you as a talented writer! <3




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