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CLIXS has been shooting at "haunted" locations for the last 15 years. 12 months ago we started adding REAL "haunted" items/stories to our Glamour Shoots. The "haunted" items in our PORT are from all around the GLOBE! Got a "haunted" item with a unique story? Email CLIXS at clixsphotography@yahoo.com. We build shoots around "haunted" items and locations. CLIXS researches each "haunted" item before we shoot with it. We do research, investigate each item, ASK a lot of questions and document each "haunted" item. The stories INSPIRE the Glamour Shoots! I've been searching for unique stories. Worthy of being documented. A lot of EXTRA time and money are going into each of these "haunted" shoots. Not only are we shooting with "haunted" items but we are shooting these shoots at "haunted" locations too. CLIXS is documenting each story and making it come to LIFE. A story is more "powerful" with a creative image. Each CLIXS shoot requires models to sign a Paranormal Waiver and fully understand the "risks" of each shoot. The CLIXS team is respectful of each "haunted" location/items and keeps an OPEN mind about events. All Paranormal events are documented from each shoot. We leave each location as we found it. We tend to ASK a lot of questions and have a knack for "gathering" lots of information. www.clixsphotography.com

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